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Jim Tolbert Interview with Chris Williams at High Level Wisdom

Hosted by Chris Williams, High Level Wisdom uncovers the stories, insights and wisdom of nationwide CEOs who want to help emerging leaders. Listen to our CEO’s full interview below!

Show Notes
Interview part 1

  • How Jim Tolbert established Vista College [04:12]
  • The profile of a non-traditional student [05:33]
  • Addressing an important economic need led to the tremendous growth of Vista College [05:54]
  • Jim shares the key to his company’s success [08:39]
  • The critical role of millennials in integrating technology into a business [10:18]
  • How the school’s millennial employees changed the company culture [11:02]
  • Jim talks of the other company changes brought about by the presence of millennial employees [11:29]
  • Simon Sinek’s TED Talk on the ‘why’ of a company resonated with Jim [11:57]
  • The impact of “Every kid gets a trophy” mentality [14:37]
  • How companies can address the knowledge gap being created as baby boomers retire [19:37]
  • Three things an emerging leader can learn from a baby boomer [23:00]
  • What Jim learned from a young man in his marketing team [25:08]
  • Do you want to do it your way or do you want to do it the right way? [26:35]
  • A few ways that Jim energizes his team to increase productivity [26:44]


Show Notes
Interview part 2

  • Why Jim thinks baby boomers are an adaptable generation  [02:17]
  • Two stereotypical images of baby boomers [03:27]
  • On having a career plan and making sacrifices to achieve it  [07:08]
  • How being geographically flexible helped Jim achieve his goals  [09:44]
  • Jim’s 4 metrics of success  [13:25]
  • What traits does Jim look for in a leader?  [15:05]
  • A look into Jim’s recruitment process  [16:37]
  • Books for the emerging leader  [19:26]
  • On Steve Jobs  [20:30]
  • Baby boomers’ work ethic: we are going to do what it takes to get it done.  [22:06]